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Author's Note:

I’m really glad to share this story with you. It is my first novel and I started it because of suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). The other more physical activities were no longer an option for me. My two oldest daughters, Lynn and Laura, were my catalysts. They suggested I write down the stories I made up for them years ago. My CFS doctor said writing would be good therapy for me. She didn’t know how hard I would work at it. I have been captivated by the universe my characters live in and I am anxious to get their stories to you. Much of what I use in Crystal of Jedh is based on real and fascinating things.

I had great fun learning about the animals I used. They are all amazing. Also quantum physics and the possibilities it represents for the future are incredible. As I wrote about the science used in the story I found myself struggling to stay far enough ahead of current research. The future can be amazing. I hope you enjoy reading ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh’ as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Pronunciation of unique words


A'idah (I-eed-uh)


Hheilea (Hi-lee-uh)


Zeghes (Zays)


Ytell (Yi-tell)


Amable (A-muh-bull)


Sabu (saw-boo)


Osamu (oh-saw-moo)


Ekbal (eh-k-ball)


Vapuc (Vap-oo-k)

Fifteen-year-old Alex is dying of undiagnosed causes and life is looking hopeless to him. Strange things have been happening and then he gets abducted by aliens.

Now, Alex is getting healed by an alien nurse and making lots of new friends amongst the Earthlings, a dolphin, a blue hyacinth macaw, a snow leopard, an astronaut, a boy from India, and a girl from the Kalasha people of Northwestern Pakistan. Life has become amazing and then Alex fails his first test. Now he has to complete some specialized training. Can Alex learn what he needs?

Meanwhile the abducted Earthlings find out they’ve been plunged into an effort to save Earth from a disaster in nine years and Alex finds out the nurse is having trouble healing him. On top of this an alien with an evil reputation has plans for him. Who can Alex trust?

As if this wasn’t enough, Alex has some relationship problems. What’s going on with the elven alien and Alex? Making things worse, it lookslike the Earthlings’ training is going to be cancelled. Can Alex save the day? What’s happening to him?


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