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​The Setting is our world, Earth.  The aliens have placed/seeded a substance called Dark Matter into our atmosphere, as a result strange things happened.  The aliens have left with animals, humans, and maybe some of our pets for training.  Meanwhile here on Earth strange things continue to happen.  Maybe the strangest part is humans reactions to everything.

Short Stories

Very short stories for you to familiarize yourself with my story universe.  Feel free to submit your own short story, based on the criteria below, through the link on the right.
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Short Stories By TL Walker

Cat and Mouse

Occult and a Cow


Short Stories by Others

Cat and Mouse
By TL Walker
   The whiskers on the little mouse vibrated from its frantic breaths.  Which way do I run to get away?  This cat is horrible.  Those paws, those paws.  Try this way, no that way and...  Oh no, the cat’s paw again, it’s too fast.
   The mouse jumped into the air, but still the paw hit it, tumbling it head over tail through the air.  I just want this to end.  No, I want to get away from this cat.
   The other paw, no not again.  Wet fur, from being in the cat’s mouth, clung to the shaking mouse’s side, as its large soft eyes looked for a miracle.  I can’t… I can’t run anymore.  A paw slammed down beside it.  No, not the cat’s mouth.  No, not its the teeth.  A last defiant squeak escaped from the mouse, “Roar!”
  The cat with a meow of complaint jumped up into the air, landed facing away, and raced off.  The cat didn’t stop until it was high up in a tree.  Standing on a branch the cat stretched and casually licked its paw gazing back at the mouse.
   The mouse panted looking around.  What happened?  How did I do that?
Occult and a Cow
By TL Walker
   A greasy haired man, with a pentagram painted on his forehead, stood at the edge of a small dairy pasture shoving a teenager, with a few whiskers and zits, at the pasture fence.  While a second man with a scraggly beard watched.  An overwhelming smell of burnt grass came from the three.  Their murmuring had invaded the night’s peaceful sounds of crickets, frogs and the occasional owl.
   “Why do I have to get the blood?” the short teenager asked, wiping his nose on his sleeve.
   “Because idiot, we got the other stuff.  After you get the blood, we’ll do the ceremony we figured out.  Then when anyone messes with us, we’ll be able to do magic.”
   The teenager hurried over to the nearest cow.  He raised a sword, but the cow stepped away from him.  Muttering, he stumbled forward, raised the sword again and as he took another step, a squishing sound came from the ground. 
   Stopping in disgust, he looked back.
   “Get on with it,” the other guy said.
   The teenager gingerly walked through the grass, moving toward another cow, placidly standing, swishing its tail at a stupid pest. He desperately plunged the sword down at the cow.  A loud bellow burst out of the cow, its tail jerked around as if to swat a fly.  Something unbelievable caught the teenager’s eye, as he struggled to stab the cow, an enormous glowing tail flew into his vision.  With a swish, it crushed into him and sent him flying.
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