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I'm TL Walker, a storyteller, a husband, a dad, a grandpa, a writer, and a fellow traveler on this crazy adventure called life.  I've always loved books, as child I would check books out at the library by the box full.  When I finished my box I would read my little sister's books.

I began creating stories at an early age. One night my seven-year-old sister woke screaming and I, a twelve-year-old, went to comfort her. She was quite terrified from a nightmare. On the spur of the moment, I created a fantastical story for her. As I dreamed up details Sis calmed down.


I have an even earlier memory of creating a story sometime between six and seven-years-old. That story was about me and my first crush, the prettiest girl in the first grade. I still remember looking around the room that first day and sitting by her.


I am fascinated by everything from flowers to Genghis Kahn and sand to Mount Everest. I find people particularly interesting, always on the watch for interesting features and personality quirks.


I am active in local writing groups and a beta reader for other writers. If you come to Worldcon (Sasquan) in Spokane this August, you might find me taking care of the freebies table.

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