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October 30th 2017

Long time no post

We have a lot to catch up on. Let's start with TL Walker's surgery. There is no sign of prostrate cancer. He is as recovered as he will be for now. So we're all very glad for that. It means he can continue to spend lots of time with his 7 kids and 6 grandchildren.

He also continues to enjoy writing and has increased the amount of book signings he has done. He has had a lot of encouragement to get into schools and he is now preparing to do some events in schools, we are anxious to see how that turns out.

He has added a new book to the list of available books. In addition to the teaser we have 'Alex Terrified Hero', after much discussion the title was changed from the original 'Alex and the Crystal of Jedh' (this title is being used for a future book though). You may notice the first two books' cover arts are very different. The first book was designed by his middle daughter, however due to her focus on her family she was not able to do the second book in an appropriate time frame. Thus the second book cover was done by an outside artist.

TL and his wife have been doing more traveling, for numerous reasons. They have been doing more wide spread book signings. They were even in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a book signing this fall, a long skip and hop from their current favorite location in Woodburn, Oregon. Their long distance trip that brought them through New Mexico was due to their oldest son's wedding that took place in Savannah, Georgia. Their increase in travel is also due to their middle daughter moving her family to Idaho to be close to her in-laws. They like to make frequent trips to visit their three rapidly growing grand daughters, although TL has yet to find a good location for a book signing in the area.

March 17th 2016


Good and Bad News

It's been forever since we've updated, I apologize for that. I say that as both the author's daughter and the administrator of this site. From now on, I'll be doing most of the posts, as TL Walker is a little busy with working his regular job, working on writing, and recovering from surgery.


At the beginning of this year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After doing tests they determined it hadn't spread and wasn't big. He went in for surgery to get the cancer removed on February 23rd. Everything looked good and it went smooth. The good news is prostate cancer is a very slow cancer. If you get it when you're old they often won't do anything, because you'll die before it affects you. Everything's looking great now. Dad's on the long road (estimated a year) of recovery after surgery. So he's moving a little slower than he would like at the moment.


However we are moving forward with high hopes for multiple book signings in the near future. Alex Twice Abducted is on display in multiple stores here in the Olympia area.


Also in February we, TL Walker, his wife, two daughters, one son in-law, and 5 grandchildren, attended the Wizcon in Portland, Oregon. In an effort to get our name out all the adults wore t-shirts with our book cover image ironed on. In addition we went to several party stores and bought helium balloons that fit the dark matter universe. This included, two dolphins, a parrot, stars and others with an outerspace theme. However upon our arrival at the Wizcon we were informed that these balloons would not be allowed in the room because if they got free and floated up they could set off the sprinklers. So they were left in the manager's office and we were able to pick them up afterwards. Despite this little rain on our parade we had an enjoyable and what we feel like was a productive wizcon networking.

October 6, 2015


Running Uphill

This is the fourth blog post after the World Science fiction convention in Spokane. To be frank, I’m disappointed. I received many encouraging words from readers of the novella, ‘Alex Twice Abducted,’ I gave away during the convention, but since then almost nothing. Where are all of you missing readers?

Okay, that is off of my mind. I’m wishing I could’ve waited before publishing the novella. I recently had a realization all of the events are not as they really happened. Okay, as they would’ve happened in our dark universe world. I’m considering going back to make a few changes. At the very least they will be in the novel coming out, ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh.’

Meanwhile the job which puts food on the table is getting more interesting=energy burning. I’m really looking forward to writing full time, instead of when I can. Currently I’m working on the first YA novel of the series, ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh.’ It is coming slowly and probably will be unless more fans send death threats. Also, I’m working on the first novel, ‘Annie and Teddy, Accidently Abducted,’ of the middle grade series. When you’re dealing with aliens there are always lots of abductions. A fun part is weaving clues from the middle grade series into the longer running YA series. The middle grade series happens first and might have an impact toward the end of the YA series.

I hope this note found everyone anxiously awaiting the next finished story or at least doing well. Take care everyone and good luck on being who you would be.

September, 29 2015


China Expansion

The brief description of this story universe has been posted on the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. Hopefully we will see a response on here. I am terribly excited about adding a Chinese character to the Dark Matter Universe. There are a couple of interesting story lines competing for the opportunity to host the Chinese character.

This kind of opportunity is open to everyone. Please share your thoughts on here. I want to hear your suggestions for characters and stories. Dream about your ideas with vigor and fun.

September, 12 2015


Post Worldcon

Hello, everyone. Anyone following these posts might notice they are not terribly polished. I do try to spend some time on them, but I would rather spend the time on editing the next book. I hope you don’t mind my priorities.


I’ve slid or crashed down from the emotional high of giving away six hundred books to fans. Now I’m trying not to be terribly anxious for results. I want to hear back from readers. There’s one twelve-old girl who loves to write. She received the only free copy of my novella on Saturday and I’m very antsy to hear from her. How’d she like the story and how’s her writing going?


Today I sent a brief introduction of our stories to a Chinese friend, I met at the WorldCon in Spokane. She’s going to post it in the Chinese social media. I hope to get suggestions for some authentic Chinese character(s) for future books. Suggesting new characters or ideas is also open to anyone. We are revamping the front page to make it easier for current fans and future fans to be involved. I’m looking forward to telling the stories about your characters.


Later this fall we’ll have a free ebook promotion. I don’t know the date yet, but I will give ongoing updates. The publisher limits our giveaway to five days, so don’t miss out. I hope this finds everyone doing great. Live with Joy. Tim

August 26, 2015


Worldcon and more

I had an amazing time at the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane. I gave away six hundred copies of the novella, ‘Alex Twice Abducted.’ The experience was incredible and there are memories I’ll never forget. You fans are wonderful. Some of you took pictures of me autographing your copy of my book. Some of you came up to me and said how you loved the story. My favorite moment was watching and talking to a twelve-year-old girl, Megan, who waited for over an hour to receive a free copy of ‘Alex Twice Abducted.’ It makes me grin as I sit here thinking of her wonderful grins as she waited impatiently for her book. She told me about her writing and I’m looking forward to reading a short story of her’s set into my universe. Then someday I expect to buy her first book.


I hope fans send their pictures and we’ll create a gallery for you. Also you are the only way I can afford to keep writing, so please pass the word to others about the great book you are enjoying. Soon it will be books. Speaking of the next book, ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh,’ I need your help in deciding what to do for the cover. My daughter, Laura, is going to have a place on the fan page for voting for what we’ll do. Either we are going to go with a similarl ydesigned cover using pre-existing art we modify to create the cover or we’ll hire an illustrator to create wonderful art for the cover. If we go the route of the illustrator we’ll do a Kickstarter project. In the next post I’ll talk about the prospective Kickstarter project. Have a great week. I love all of you fans and I’m so thankful and gratified for you.

August 18, 2015


What's new

Hello, everyone. I’m very excited to have ‘Alex Twice Abducted’ available to everyone. The paperback is available on Amazon and the ebook is available through Kindle. I hope you enjoy it as much or more than I enjoyed writing it. Now I need to finish making my website creator happy with the content and then I can get back to another edit of ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh.’ We are working hard to make the novel, ‘Alex and the Crystal of Jedh’ as enjoyable for the reader as we can. Of course we are limited by having to get it done before the end of this year.

Our first fanatical fans have already given us warning. They have said, “You will suffer for every day you delay in getting the novel out to us.” Okay they didn’t say quite those words, but close. Have a good day everyone.


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