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Author's Note:

This is a teaser for ‘Alex Terrified Hero,’ yet it’s still a story by itself. One thing I did was to tell much of the story from Hheilea’s and Zeghes’ points of view. This makes parts of the story available to readers you wouldn’t get in just ‘Alex Terrified Hero.’ I had fun showing their views of the world and hope you have as much fun reading the story.

Pronunciation of unique words


A'idah (I-eed-uh)


Hheilea (Hi-lee-uh)


Zeghes (Zays)


Ytell (Yi-tell)


Amable (Am-uh-bull)


Sabu (saw-boo)


Vapuc (Vap-oo-k)





Alex is a teenage boy dying of undiagnosed causes. Life is looking hopeless to him. Then Alex gets abducted by aliens.


An alien nurse is healing Alex, and everything should be great, but a deadly disaster is coming for all life on Earth.


Two other abductees become his friends. One is an exotic girl and the other a dolphin. Because of the aliens, the dolphin can swim through the air and they can all understand each other.


Earthlings are being trained to save Earth, but Alex fails the first test and is going to get some specialized training. What’s going on with the alien and Alex? Can Alex learn what he needs? What will happen to him?

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