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Chapter One


Alien Abduction




   Unconscious, Alex lay alone in the wet grass. Around him fog swirled. For a year he’d been fighting the inevitable. The doctors had said he was dying of unknown causes, but today for the first time his illness had taken a back seat. The lack of control over his life wasn’t new, but the strangeness was.


   The sound of sirens drew Alex back to consciousness. He opened his eyes to fog. Frantic, he tried to get up, but he couldn’t move his body. A scream burst from him. “Aah! Help!” The sirens came closer.


   A man called out, “Who’s out there!”


   “Over here! Help me!”


   “Keep shouting,” the man said. “This strange fog is making it hard to find you.”


   The ground fell away from under him. Misty tendrils of fog streamed past. Sunshine struck his face. Blinded by the light, scared, and confused, one thought screamed in his mind. I’m being abducted. Something above him drew nearer, and then it blocked the sun. Alex was pulled up into the object and through a tube. Lights flashed quickly by until he popped from the tube.


   A cacophony of sounds assaulted him as his body settled onto a large, yellow disc. A sharp pungent smell, like ozone, assailed his nose, and he sneezed. After rolling over, Alex struggled to his knees. A shimmering wall of yellow light rose from the edge of his disc. Placing his hand on the wall of light he felt it give a little, before hardening. Other discs of different colors with their own walls, prisons of light, floated around him. Each prison held a person or animal. Above the disc nearest Alex, a dolphin somehow floated and moved in the air, and they stared at each other. What does it think of being captured, and given the ability to move in the air, like it’s water?




   Zeghes whistled and twisted in the air. The new two-legged looked at him, and Zeghes looked intently back. He’s a male and ill. I need to get to him. Sick shouldn’t be by themselves. Zeghes rammed the wall of light again and again, trying to get out. One of these big birds might decide to eat the boy. I have to protect him.


   As Zeghes fought, the boy left his disc with a white-haired creature’s help. From above came loud, piercing calls. I don’t think they’re happy about the boy getting out of his prison. One of the raptors launched from a perch to dive toward the boy. The bird’s going to attack. I need to get free. Zeghes battered himself against the wall of light, ignoring the pain, until darkness swallowed up his awareness.


To be continued...

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