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Sabu is a six month old Snow Leopard. Her mother was killed by poachers. She is shy, slow to speak, doesn't like to be ordered around, and when teased or comfortable with another creature loves to play.

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Another snow leopard” “Roger Blackwell“ “

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“Hyacinth Macaw” “Alex” “

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Skyler is a six-month-old Hyacinth Macaw. He is about thirty-nine inches long from the end of his tail to the top of his head. He has a four-foot wingspan and a voracious appetite, not eating lots at any one time, just always hungry for something. Carbohydrates, expecialy nuts are very attractive to him. The flock is very important to him and he wants to learn how to help others. Playing with or teasing Sabu is his favorite pastime.

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“Ybctd_2b” “Greg Goebel” ""

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Zeghes is a five year old bottlenose dolphin. He is five feet, three inches long. His natural sonar ability is almost as facinating as the abilities dark matter helps him to have. With sonar he can look through clothes and into soft objects the same way sonar is used to look at unborn babies. Zeghes is extremely loyal. He has issues with trying to learn how to fit in to the different cultural norms.

Alex is a fifteen-year-old human boy. He has wavy black hair, blue eyes, 5'6" tall, and weighs 90 lbs at the beginning of the story. 


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Monkey and "Blonde" Woman” “Randy Robertson” “” cropped and edited

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Hheilea is a kimley and part of the Soaley family. She has a mom, dad, twelve-year-old brother, uncle, and a cousin. Kimleys as you will find out, or maybe you already have, are very strange. As children they tend to be trouble-makers. Hheilea is fourteen years old, has white hair, large lavender eyes, four feet two inches tall, and looks like an elf maiden. I would tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil your reading.

A’idah is a human girl and part of the Kalasha people. At five feet tall and only ninety-five pounds, she is a fighter with curly reddish-gold hair and blue eyes. Her background as a Kalasha and her family is very important to her and a huge part of her struggles. A’idah is very important to Alex in this story because she is a human girl and close to his age, but it may not be real apparent in this story, because most of the story is written from Zeghes’ and Hheilea’s view points. In the novel her struggles and victories are very important and many chapters are written from her view point. A’idah is the kind of teenager you would want on your side and not against you. I hope you love her as much as I do.

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